Donate Life Texas

For Funeral Directors

If you are with a funeral home and need to speak with an organ recovery organization or an eye/tissue bank representative immediately, please reference this page to find the organ, eye and tissue bank serving your area.


The staff of funeral homes and mortuaries are often among the most important connections family members will make when a loved one passes away. They help usher families through funeral planning and the end-of-life arrangements needed during a highly emotional time.

They can also serve in another role as ambassadors for making the gift of cornea and tissue donation possible. With a single phone call to eye and tissue banks, funeral home staff can connect grieving families with those who can discuss donation options that can make their loved one’s final act a heroic and lifesaving one.

The relationship between funeral homes and the eye and tissue banks is so vital to this process that the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) have published shared Best Practices for Cooperation covering guidelines for notification, communication and timely recovery practices that best respect the donor family needs and wishes.

The Donate Life Texas eye and tissue banks invite funeral directors and staff to contact us to learn more about donation and the ways we can work together to offer comfort and hope to grieving families to honor their loved one’s gift of life.


Mother of tissue donor Jacob Eyring meets one of the recipients of his generous gifts in East Texas.
Thank you to Southwest Transplant Alliance and Sharing Hope South Carolina for helping to share their story.