Donate Life Texas

What is the donation process?

For those on the registry, there are no further steps needed to ensure that the donation process is initiated at the time of death.  Neither you nor your family members need to do anything else.  You don’t even need to carry a donor card with you.

Registering records your decision to be a donor and makes it known to the right people at the right time, automatically.  Your registration leaves this precious, lifesaving option open, helping to ensure that no medically-viable organ or tissue is lost for lack of consent.

This short video provides important details about the donation and transplantation process you may find helpful, educational and inspiring:


If you would like to learn even more about the process, please click here to continue reading for more in-depth details.

Please note:  Registering with Donate Life Texas is not intended to serve as a way to make arrangements for the final disposition of one’s body.

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