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Tin Man story

It all started in the back of the ambulance. Shortness of breath, swollen legs and weakness. Only this time it wasn’t the patient on the stretcher, it was me, the emergency medical technician. I’ve been a medic for 13yrs so I recognized the symptoms. I soon was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Hearing for the first time that I was going to need a heart transplant, was dooming and shocking. My cardiology group reassured me this was the correct avenue to proceed. I got my new heart on 6/23/12. All I know about my donor was that he was 28yrs old. I wrote a letter and thanked his family for the life changing gift I received. That’s what being a donor is all about. Changing someone’s life. Becoming an organ donor is easy nowadays. With so many people on the transplant lists, on person can help several at once. Since my transplant, I talk to people about becoming a donor. I explain how easy the process is. Simply go to donate life Texas and register. Because my donor family made that choice to donate, I feel grateful to educate others about organ donation.
This year i am competing in the Transplant Olympics in Cleveland, OH. It is going to be exciting. First of all, just getting to see and be with fellow recipients and donors is a special bond that binds us. Secondly, the games allow nationwide recognition for people who are not donors to register to become donors. Lastly, I get a chance to win a gold metal. I can’t wait!

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