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(English) A New Kind of Family

Amy was a strong, brave woman. A beloved mother, sister, daughter and friend who passed away too soon. Her wish to donate her organs saved the lives of six people while her donated tissue helped scores of others.

Carrie and her brother Chandler were strong and brave, too, both having cystic fibrosis. Chandler lost his battle with the disease while waiting for a transplant. Carrie was on the very edge of survival when she received a healthy pair of lungs from Amy.

Carrie and Amy’s families are now close, sharing a unique and loving bond. Carrie and Amy’s sister Valarie can often be seen running together and recently crossed the finish line of the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth together.

“We are now the live embodiment of an organ donation family,” says Valarie. “Loss brought us together and hope keeps us that way.”

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  1. Amy and Valarie, and now Carrie, are my nieces. I am so humbled and pleased that you have chosen to feature their story. We miss Amy every day but I am so grateful that Carrie lives a happy and healthy life because of Amy’s gift. Talk about a “blended” family!
    I hope Amy’s story will inspire others to register to be an organ donor. I also know that donor families always hope that the people that receive this precious gift will reach out to say “Thank you.” It helps more than you can imagine. So I hope that Carrie and Valarie’s story will inspire other transplant families to contact their donor families and perhaps build their own blended families.

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