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My Son, Jay’s Journey

DONATE THE GIFT OF LIFE…Organ donation not only allows a Recipient the chance at a long life, but it also allows the Donor to “live on” through each Recipient…
This is the story of, my son, Jay’s journey…
The absolute worse news a parent can get is that your only son, who is only 29 years old, who was healthy, fit and strong, is now brain dead…But, that was the exact news I received on November 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm…His actual time of death was at 4:05 pm, when they shut the ventilator off…You see, even though he was declared brain dead, as long as the ventilator was breathing for him, he was still alive…Jay had to be kept alive, so that his organs would remain viable for donation…The night before I heard those words, I laid my head on my sons chest and just listened to his heartbeat for a while…I put his arm around my neck, my left arm across his chest, and I talked to him…I won’t go into all the details of what I told him, as it is very personal & private to me…The doctors had been telling me when he would move his hand or leg that it was an “involuntary” movement…The very last words I said to my son was something we ended every call, text & letter with…I told him “We’re all we’ve got. If you are ready to go home, get your wings and soar, then you go home to the loving arms of the Lord. I love you Jay more than there are stars in the sky, but I want you to know that Momma’s gonna be alright”…It was at that very instance, when his arm that was around my neck “involuntarily” squeezed my neck so tight, which told me, my son heard everything I said to him, the entire time I was with him…When I sat at his bedside and read the bible to him, he heard me…HE HEARD IT ALL…Little did I know, that in less than 24 hours, my entire life was going to fall apart…That was 1 year ago, but I can still hear those words so clearly…Jay tried to see the good in people…He was very intelligent, an avid reader, he loved to laugh, he was always playing pranks on his sisters, he loved skeet shooting with his daddy, sisters & I and it was a weekend ritual at our house in Southern Georgia…He had a tender heart, an old soul and I could not have asked for a more loving son than Jay…When it came to me, he thought I hung the moon & stars…Some would say He was a Momma’s boy, but that didn’t matter to him, because He knew I was his #1 Fan…He would help anyone that was willing to try and help themselves…When Jay was 10 or so, me, him & his daddy were going to lunch…On the way, Jay seen a homeless man with his dog & he was holding a sign that read, “Will work for food, we are hungry”…I myself didn’t give it a second thought, but my son had…While eating lunch, Jay only ate 1 slice of pizza, which was one of his favorite foods… I asked him what was wrong and he told us he was thinking about that man & his dog and wanted to take his lunch to him…After a short dicussion, I told him we would order the man a pizza & soda to take to him…When we finished our lunch, we went back to the place where the man had been, but he was gone…Jay was very insistent that we look for this gentleman, so he could give him his food…A few minutes later, Jay spotted him & his dog, and told his daddy to please go over to where they were…What happened next, literally brought me to tears…My son got out of the car and walked over to talk to this man…When he gave him his food, the man was moved to tears & beyond words…After finally composing himself, he looked at Jay, and said “You are an angel sent straight from Heaven”…Jay extended his arm to shake his hand, and the man stood up, shook my sons hand and then embrassed him like they were old friends…This gentleman sat back down and finally opened the box of pizza, and before he ate any himself, he fed his dog first…All I could do was think about how proud I was of my son and how touching it was that this man made sure his 4 legged companion was fed before himself…Jay didn’t know the mans story, all he knew was there was a person for what ever reason, down on his luck and was needing a helping hand…My son was determined to be that helping hand…He couldn’t thank us enough because him & his dog had been out there for 3 days, and no one gave him a second look…What my child did was just unheard of and I couldn’t of been prouder…It was at that very moment that I found out exactly how tender hearted & compassionate my child was, and it showed his dad & I That we raised him right…Jay & I had a conversation one time about what he wanted if he passed away before me…There were 2 things he felt very strong about…The first was to get him “The hell out of Texas” and the second was that if he were able, he wanted to donate his organs…And with that being said, he told me he would leave all other decisions up to me…I told him he was gonna be fine and I wasn’t going to have to even worry about that, but I actually worried about him all the time…I just wanted my son to come home, but this wasn’t how it was supposed to be…So here I was and my worst fear had come true…Now it was up to me, to make sure that his wish, to be an organ donor, was carried out…The only problem, I didn’t believe I was strong enough to make that decision…The answer came, like it was sent from the Lord himself…I had to make sure my son’s wishes, both of them, were carried out…Because I stayed true to my word, he gave the ultimate gift to 5 people, that he didn’t know, and that gift was life…Through his GIFT OF LIFE, Jay insured these individuals a chance to live and be healthy…So, on that cold November day, Jay’s right kidney was transplanted into a 44 year old male and his left kidney was transplanted into an 18 year old young man…Both of these recipients were suffering from end-stage kidney disease and were facing certain death…His liver was transplanted into a 64 year old female…Jay’s lungs helped a 62 year old male breathe a whole lot easier…But the greatest gift he had to give was his kind and tender heart…The 68 year old gentleman that received his heart had been hospitalized for 276 days, waiting for someone to say to him “We’ve found a donor match for your heart”…I can only imagine how he felt knowing he had been given a gift, so precious, that it would allow him to enjoy many more years as a husband, father and grandfather…As of May 11, 2016 all recipients were recovering & doing well…
With that news, I am very proud & my heart smiles, because I know that my precious Son Jay lives on in each and every one of these recipents because of a genuine desire to make a difference in someone else’s life…He made a choice, and in doing so, Jay gave the greatest gift of all, a second chance at life for 5 people in need…Knowing that brings me peace, but there is no closure, not yet because his life ended all to soon…All because when he was in need, no one gave him a second look or had enough compassion to try to safe a human life…I love and miss my son and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and wonder, WHAT IF…Jay, I love you more than life itself and would have gladly changed places with you, but that just couldn’t be…There is a void in my heart, but in time it will heal…What I wish for you now is to REST IN PEACE my sweet, precious child, you have wings, now fly BECAUSE YOU’RE FREE!
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  1. Your family story is truly a special one. You touched me deeply as I sit here typing with tears running down my cheeks. Your son is in a place more amazing that we could ever possibly imagine. I know that one day you will be by his side in Heaven to reflect on the precious gifts that he and his life has given.

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