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My sister Ursula, gave the gift of sight

Losing my sister has been the hardest pain thus far in my life. She was my best friend, my only sister. She was 41 years old. My sister Ursula was a mother figure to me and although we have our mother, my sister was always taking charge and being the boss. She was extremely giving. She was always helping others and lived to help others. A legal advocate for domestic violence victims, she was a big voice for those who were afraid. She was a protector, a guardian for the weak hearted. She always took care of us as her family, made sure we were good and had anything we wanted or needed. She took great care of her daughter and family. She taught her daughter to be fierce, giving and tender hearted. She loved hard and stood up for causes she believed in. She was never afraid to voice her opinion. As giving as she was here on Earth, she continued that legacy after her passing. She has given two people the gift of sight, donated bone and tissue to help those in need of life saving medical surgeries. She is a giver, a selfless giver. She has made her mark in this world as a fearless giver, and I am an organ donor because of her. If you can do anything in this lifetime, you should give the gift of life. Give someone a chance to live. My sister did graciously.

Forever in my heart, Ursula

Your baby sister

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