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I miss You Brother

It has been over 6 years that my beloved brother Randy passed away. Our hearts still ache for him and our arms still and will always long to hug him. My brother was a firefighter who passed on the most precious gifts that anybody could ever receive. Not only in living did he save lives but in dying he did the same. In our time of loss and sorrow his unselfish kindness illuminated a light so bright that in our time of despair that when we speak of him and God knows we do the tragedy and loss that places those tears in our eyes and the quiver thru our bodies remembering that day for those ever so deep emotions are brought to remembering his unselfishness. I always had hoped that 1 day 1 GOD given day that I would be able to meet at least 1 person who received his gift and let them know how special and loving he was, what a great son, brother, uncle grandpa , friend and husband he was. I am just his sister and not able to reach out but should you have received a wonderful miraculous gift on or after March 21,2010 just know Randy wanted you to have it ! May you always be able to find the silver lining in life.
Love Always, Randy\’s sister

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