Donate Life Texas

Brotherly Love

Christmas holiday in 2007 my family and I traveled from Houston, TX to Boston, MA to be with family for the holidays. I was rushed to the hospital after several days of sickness that I just couldn’t recover from. I was immediately admitted with blood pressure of 250/150, my kidneys functioning at 10% and had unknowingly over time lost a significant amount of blood through urination. I was diagnosed with ESRD. Dialysis would be required three days a week. A kidney transplant would be a necessity! My brother, Don Davis, was a great match and on 04/15/08 I underwent a kidney transplant. My brother is an avid runner and has run the Boston Marathon many times. This year he would pass up his passion for my sake. One year later, 04/15/09 my brother and I ran the Boston Marathon together and finished! We ran with the support of Donate Life in Massachusetts and were asked to join a parade in Massachusetts on the Donate Life float post surgery.

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