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Can a member of the LGBT Community register?

Don’t exclude yourself!  Everyone can register to be a donor!


Donor registration is open to any one of any gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.  Current health status and health history will also not prevent a person from registering.  Also, people of any age, faith, language preference, country of origin or background are welcome.  If donation is important to you, please register!

It may be surprising to learn that there are very few medical rule-outs for donation. Even those who have had cancer, hepatitis or who can’t be blood donors may still be able to be organ donors.  Thanks to the 2013 Hope Act, people who are HIV+ can donate organs for transplant to patients who are also HIV+, in some cases.

In all donor cases, qualified physicians and medical personnel evaluate the suitability of organs at the time of death.  There is no way to know if and when a person may become a donor and what options may exist at that time.  Conditions that may rule out donation today may not in the future.

By registering, you leave the precious, lifesaving option of donation open, helping to ensure that no transplantable organ is ever lost for lack of consent.


An important note about gender designation when registering:

It’s important to know that a donor registration record is a legal document and is used for legal identification purposes after a person has passed away and is being considered for donation.  For both of these reasons, it’s important that the gender designation a person gives when registering matches that of other, current legal documents like a driver’s license or passport.

If the gender listed on a donor registration is not the same as those appearing on current legal documents for a potential donor, the registration cannot legally be considered a match for that person and will not provide consent for donation.

So, it’s recommended that you register using your current legal gender designation – whether it is your birth gender or the result of a legal change in gender marker.  You are encouraged to update the gender designation on your registration record, should your legal gender marker change in the future.

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