Other Ways to Register

Registering at DPS Offices

If you register to be a donor when you apply for or renew your driver’s license or identification card at your local DPS office, a “red donor heart” indicator will be embedded in the lower right hand corner of your license or identification card. Your authorization is activated immediately after your information is inputted into the Donate Life Texas Registry regardless of where you register: online, at the DPS or through the DMV.

If you wish to have a red heart on your driver’s license, simply indicate that you are a registered donor the next time you renew your license at DPS.

Download a Paper Application

You can sign up online by clicking on the “Register in 60 seconds” button above. This will send you back to the online registration page. Fill out the information on that page and click the “Save” button. You will be able to review your information before your registration is finalized. Once you click the “Complete Registration” button, you will be an authorized donor.

Click on one of the buttons below to get a paper form if you do not want to register online. Fill out the form and send it in by mail or by fax. You may use the form to:

– sign up for the first time or
– change something on the form from before

The paper form allows you to send in all the information and signature at the same time.

Donor Registration Form – English
Donor Registration Form – Spanish